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portable 2018 myegy Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / Ml)

[URL=" Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / Ml) Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / ML)Altium Designer

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افتراضيportable 2018 myegy Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / Ml)

January 28th, 2018

Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / ML)

Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / ML)|3.22 GB
Altium Designer is an integrated system for designing high-speed electronic devices based on printed circuit boards, which allows the developer to create projects, starting with the circuit diagram and the VHDL de******ion of FPGAs, modeling the resulting circuits and VHDL codes, preparing files for production, and the concept of Live Design, both called live design, allows you to complete the project by debugging it on a NanoBoard.

Altium Designer is a software package for CAD PCBs, FPGAs and integrated software and associated libraries and automation of the release of finished printed circuit boards. Developed and sold by Altium Limited (Australia).

The circuit diagram of the circuit electronics capture module provides editing functions, including:
• Library management component
• Scheme of editing ********s (component placement, installation and connection definition of design levels)
• Integration with many well-known manufacturers of electronic components allows you to search for components and access to manufacturer data
• SIMICE simulation scheme for mixed signals
• Preliminary signal layout. Integrity Analysis, Netlist Export.
• Reporting and BoM objects.
• Multi-channel, hierarchical schemes and reuse design
• Module circuit board, design - designer.

Altium allows you to:
• Component of the library footprint
• Accommodation component
• Manage trace routing, With support for differential pairs, several traces of routing, pin-exchange and replacement
• Automatic Routing Track
• Automated multi-channel layout and routing
• Interactive 3D editing, MCAD and STEP export
• Integrity analysis signal
• Creation of executable files with support for Gerber and ODB + + formats.

FPGA development tools are integrated into Altium Designer, they provide the following features:
• Design of FPGA, PCB and the integrity of the synchronization signal
• VHDL simulation and debugging
• FPGA processor is an easy development tool (compiler, debugger, profiler) for several integrated processors

For the first time this principle is implemented in the Altium Designer system. You can also note the following advantages:
• Simple and intuitive user interface of the system: its customization according to the requirements of a specific user, as well as the use of menus with commands in Russian and a lot of hot keys allow you to learn how to effectively work with the program in less than two weeks;
• the possibility of teamwork on the project;
• Support for compatibility with many old and modern popular CAD systems (ECAD) and mechanical CAD (MCAD);
all actions performed manually by a user can be described with the help of macros and executed automatically, which opens up wide possibilities for automating the routine operations of the process of creating schematic diagrams and designing printed circuit boards;
• the program has a set of ********ation in Russian, special guidelines for beginners have been developed. The basic training program is designed for five days and allows users to develop the right skills in this system;
• It is a software and hardware system for creating the majority of modern RES at a fairly low cost.

Preview project ********s
For convenience, project files can now be merged into working groups (Workspace). In Altium Designer 16, the workgroup is graphically displayed as a separate page (View> Workspace, the hotkey CTRL + `). On the Workspace page, you can preview all the ********s included in the current project, grouped by type.
Transparency settings for layers and objects of the Board Editor
When working in the Board Editor, it often becomes necessary to disable the display of some objects and the most loaded layers. Now you can set individual Transparency settings in the View Configuration window of the Transparently section for all the primitives on each layer of the board.
Customizable Hole Chart
This table will be available to all subscribers in one of the next updates of Altium Designer 16. The data in it will be displayed not only when printed, as it was before, but also when viewing the board in a PCB editor. To add a table to the drawing sheet, a special Drill Table command will be used. You will be able to modify the properties of the table, such as in******ion fonts, the list of graphs to display and their names, conditional images of holes and the format of the fill.
Custom settings for labeling the pins
In Altium Designer 16 some problems with the Schematic Editor have been solved, related to the compliance with the GOST requirements. One of these problems was previously the inability to customize the text labels related to the component's outputs on the schematic. Now you can edit both the font of the label data and their position in the work area relative to the output itself. Remained and the ability to set these parameters globally, at the level of the Schema Editor.
Managing size and text for ports
Previously, the port size in the Schematic Editor was unavailable for editing, and when changing the font for the output name, the in******ion went beyond the port graphics. This did not allow to draw up a scheme in accordance with GOST. In Altium Designer 16, both parameters are included in the custom port settings.

The rule of clearance between silk-screen printing and masked cutouts
For the Silk to Solder mask clearance rule, which defined the places on the board where the silkscreen matches the pads, a new mode has been added. This rule can now be checked in To exposed copper or To solder mask openings mode. In the first case, the clearance from silk-screen printing to the ****llized area will be determined, and in the second case, to the cut-out in the mask.

In addition, to significant innovations include:
• Hyperlink - a new tool for the Schema Editor, which allows you to insert direct links to Internet sources on the layout sheet;
• Smart PDF - now in the PDF-******** information about the components of the project is stored, which is displayed in the drop-down box when you hover the cursor on the component of the scheme;
• Control in 3D mode - it is possible to select the 3D view of the board by specifying one of the standard modes: Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right, , Isometric (Isometric).

• ADDED a bug in the work of chains in the schematic, while dragging the chain can BREAK. To temporarily eliminate this annoying bug in this version, it is recommended to disable the DXP -> Preferences -> Schematic -> General -> Optimize Wires & Buses option.

What's new in version 16.1.11 Build 255
· 11409 Added support for the SOLIDWORKS 2016 parasolid file format.
· 12701 Fixed a critical issue in the PCB Editor where arcs were being multiplied during interactive routing, or track modification (BC: 6843).
· 12625 Fixed an issue in the PCB Editor where the 3D Lock option.
· 12708 Fixed an issue of duplicated leasing of on-demand licenses, which was impossible when the software startedup time took more than 20 seconds.
· 12525 Fixed an issue where STEP model.
· 12628 Fixed an issue where pads of components-with Alternate Parts in a defined Variant-were correctly displayed in Draft mode on the generated assembly drawing.
· 12522 Fixed an issue where special strings in footprints were not being correctly displayed as converted, after generating a footprint comparison report.
· 11988 Fixed an issue where special symbols in the User Name or PC Name - were causing a constant exception during the PCB Collaboration (after connecting to an Altium Vault and opening a PCB file).
· 12513 Fixed an issue with the correct rotation of the QFN and PQFN STEP models in the IPC Wizard (BC: 6692).
System requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
- Windows XP SP2 Professional or higher (IT IS HIGHLY recommended to use Windows 7 or higher)
- Intel® Core ™ i3 or higher
- 4 GB of RAM
- 3.5 GB of hard disk space (installation + User Files)
- Monitor resolution of 1280x1024
- Intel integrated graphics HD4000 or higher
- The video card must be with support for DirectX 9c and Shader model 3 (minimum) for full support of 3D visualization.
- Parallel port (for connection to NanoBoard-NB1)
- USB2.0 port (for connecting NanoBoard-NB2 or NanoBoard-3000)
- Adobe Reader 8 or higher
- DVD drive
- Strongly recommended:
- The second monitor with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

Recommended system requirements:
- Windows 7 (32-bit \ 64-bit) or higher
- Intel® Core ™ i5 or higher
- 8 GB of RAM
- 10 GB Hard disk space (installation + User Files)
- 2 monitors with a resolution of 1680x1050 or higher
- NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640 series or AMD® Radeon® HD 7770, 1024MB RAM or higher
- The video card must be with support for DirectX 9c and Shader model 3 (minimum) for full support of 3D visualization.
- USB2.0 port (for connecting NanoBoard-NB2 or NanoBoard-3000)
- DVD-Drive
- Adobe® Reader® 8 (or higher)
- Internet connection
- Internet Explorer 10 or higher
- Microsoft Excel (for creating Bill of Materials from templates)

• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1

Year of manufacture: 2016
OS: Windows® 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
********: Multi******** / English / Russian
Medicine: Included
Size: 3.22 GB

المصدر: منتديات تكنو فور كوم || TECHNO4COM FORUMS - من قسم: روائــع البرامــج الكاملـــة

Altium Designer 16>1>11 Build 255 (2016 L Rus Eng

portable 2018 myegy Altium Designer 16.1.11 Build 255 (2016 / Rus / Eng / Ml)

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